character creation

Choose race from S&S book, reconstruct one from the Star Trek universe, or design your own
Metabolism-type determines what kinds of diseases to which the race is susceptible, and generally determines skin color: iron-based (pink-skinned), cobalt-based (blue-skinned), copper-based (vaguely yellow-green-skinned).

Class is your branch in Starfleet. You may also choose a subclass if you like. Characters with no subclass gain +10% XP.
Most will be officers, but you may also be Enlisted Personnel if you prefer. Enlisteds do not intend a lifelong career in Starfleet. Enlisted are generally slightly less powerful than officers, and always subordinate in the chain of command, but they level up faster.
Those who choose to be outside Starfleet altogether should consult with the GM.
S&S branches translate to Star Trek Next Generation branches:

  • Military = Command, red unifrom
  • Science = Science, blue uniform
  • Technical = Operations, gold uniform

Adds definition and skills. Not necessary to take a sub-class.
Command subclasses: Leadership (Command), Security, Fire control
Science subclasses: Biology, Medical, Sentient Life
Operations subclasses: Communications, Navigation, Engineering

All Odyssey characters start at Level 3 (rank of Lieutenant for officers, Spaceman for Enlisteds).

Ability Scores
Roll 4d6, ignore lowest. Assign results to scores. Be sure ability scores meet requirements for the class and subclass you chose.
Apply any race bonuses/penalties. No ability may go above 20.
PSI = Psionic Potential, representing psionic abilities if active, as well mental strength and willpower

Hit Points
1d10/level for Command (Military). This is for officers only, not Enlisteds.
1d8/level for all others
HP at 1st level is automatically maximum.

Psi Points
= PSI score

Determined by class and level:
Officers at 3rd level: Primary 14, Secondary 11, Other 8
Enlisteds at 3rd level: Primary 13, Other 8

All characters at 3rd level: Energy 13, Poison 10, Stun 12, Radiation 11

All Starfleet personnel begin with a combadge and 1-3 personal items of family or personal significance.

The combadge has three primary functions: 1) communication with each other, 2) communication with aliens via universal translator, which analyzes alien brain waves and transmits intended meanings directly into one’s mind (though it is not 100% reliable), and 3) location tracking, sending a signal to the ship’s computer so one’s location is always known. Wearing a combadge is mandatory unless off-duty.

Personnel also have access to items in the equipment lockers. On a typical away mission, characters can be assumed to take the following:

  • hand phaser
  • tricorder
  • medical tricorder and medkit (medical personnel only)

If characters want to take other items along, they should say so. If they need Federation credits or local currency, a small amount may be issued.

Some items may require special clearance to access or special skill to use (e.g. only Engineering and Operations Enlisteds are able to use engineering tricorders).

Hand phaser has 4 settings:

  1. stun – renders unconscious
  2. heat – 1d3 dmg, range 20’, can make rocks glow with warmth
  3. kill – 2d6 dmg, range 300’, can cut a hole in a wall after several minutes of sustained blast
  4. overload – explodes after 2d4 rounds for 2d6 damage to all in 20’ radius

Phaser rifles are similar but with longer range (multiply ranges x10) and kill does 3d6 dmg. They are normally only carried when entering a military engagement.

Some melee weapon stats:

  • knife or Klingon hegh’bat: 1d4 dmg
  • Klingon bat’leth 1d10 dmg
  • club 1d4 dmg

A tricorders is a multipurpose scanner that can detect and record various information, from environmental data to medical conditions. It can map surrounding areas, and detect approaching lifesigns (but cannot identify species, which requires a ship computer). It also has a universal translator, in case one’s combadge is lost or damaged. Using a tricorder requires a relevant skill check, usually Science or Technical, with appropriate modifiers for difficulty. Some specialized information may require special tricorders, such as medical or engineering tricorders, which can only be operated by medical or technical personnel, respectively.

Psionic Powers
If active (see race description), roll 1d6 on the Psionic Powers table to see which power is active. If the power Psi cost exceeds your PSI score, reroll.

character creation

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