There are innumerable intelligent species in the galaxy, and characters can be from virtually any of them. If the species you want is not listed here, invent it, and the GM will say yay or nay. Most, but not all, Starfleet personnel come from Federation member planets. If your character is not a Federation species, come up with a creative reason why your character is on board the ship.

Common Federation Species

Andorian Betazoid Bolian Human Tellarite Vulcan
Andorian Betazoid Bolian Human captain shelby Tellarite gral Vulcan mind meld 2

Other member species include Algolians, Arbazan, Arcadians, Ardanans, Ariolo, Benzites, Bzzt Khaht, Caitians, Coridans, Deltans, Efrosians, Grazerites, Hekarans, Ithanites, Kasheeta, Peliar Zel, Rigellians, Risians, Xelatians, Zeranites, and more.

Some Non-Federation Species

Android Bajoran Borg Cardassian Edosian
Android lal Bajoran shakaar edon Borg mezoti Cardassian garek Edosian arex
Ferengi Klingon Romulan Trill
Ferengi Klingon female Romulan Trill paul dyson

Innumerable other intelligent species exist. Make one up!


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