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Imagine you’re a lowly B-list officer aboard the first mission of a ship the size of the Enterprise. The captain and all the A-list officers go on an away mission and are wiped out in a massive TPK. On top of that, the ship gets sucked into a vortex and you end up in a place where space is… kinda weird. You must step up, take charge, and find a way to save the ship and your own asses at the same time!

Campaign Duration: Short – probably about 6 months, once a month
RPG Game System: Starships and Spacemen 2E

Adventures will be exploratory, light-hearted, and creative:

  • combat!
  • role-playing!
  • weird robots and aliens!

S&S is a simple and elegant system. It keeps the rules to a minimum to allow maximum player creativity and innovation. Good ideas, imaginative uses of powers and equipment, and class-related achievements are rewarded with experience bonuses. Combat can be a bit deadly, but this will be mitigated by two mods:
1. Luck re-roll once per session per PC.
2. Calling Redshirt! – Once per session, the party may call redshirt! at a moment when a dangerous attack or effect seems immanent. The damage or effect, instead of striking a PC, is redirected to a hapless minor NPC crew member (the “redshirt”) who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And now for the introductory storyline, illustrated as a comic book…
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Star Trek Odyssey

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